Resilient Futures works with organizations to apply the thinking and tools required to leverage disruption.

The Resilient Futures definition of disruption is: the consequences, intended and unintended, of rapid (often exponential) change bought about by digital and physical technologies as well as non-technological change such as social unrest, economic uncertainty, political instability ecological transformation.

Our approach is based on twenty five years of experience in working with organisations around the world. We also research and produce the annual Disruption Report – a comprehensive view of the capability of organisations to leverage disruption, and the key types of disruption they face.

We have also published two books – Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change, and The Disruption Readiness Test.

In today’s operating environment, no organisation or industry is or will be untouched by disruption and all organisational leaders must make a choice – see disruption as a tailwind and act to leverage it, or view it as a headwind and fall foul of its consequences.

In our experience the key first step in leveraging disruption is for organisational leaders be at the fore-front of new strategic thinking. Our approach to this is the application of Strategy in Action (SiA) – a unique strategic framework designed specifically for agile thinking and action in fast-changing environments.

Resilient Futures can be engaged in a number of ways including facilitation of strategy development, training in strategy development, management coaching and speaking and presentations – all with the objective of applying Strategy in Action to ensure that organisations:

  • Have clear insight into disruption in all its forms,
  • Understand their current level of disruption readiness,
  • Are aligned on the realities of their current and future operating landscape,
  • Act to pursue strategic opportunity and mitigate strategic risk,
  • Empower the leadership capability required for leveraging disruption, and
  • Develop and implement strategies that make sense.

A primary element of our approach is to transfer our thinking and knowledge to our clients for them to use as they wish on an on-going basis.