While we do not make public a list of our clients due to the sensitive nature of the work we do and the issues that must be addressed when dealing with disruption, we are happy to provide references upon request.

Feedback and Testimonials:

  • "Resilient Futures thinking and the Strategy in Action framework is the foundation of the work I am doing because it is the only tool I know of that turns complexity into opportunity and enables multiple stakeholders to quickly grasp what is possible and to be involved."
    • – Kip Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner, Dept. of Economic and Community Development, State of Connecticut, USA
  • "Strategy in Action has enabled my team and I to develop an approach to managing a complex set of conditions that are constantly changing. The Framework provides a mechanism for bringing a diverse set of participants together to share a common view of the conditions, both current and emergent, and a process for adapting strategies to address changing conditions."
    • – General Manager, Multinational IT Company
  • "Being able to shape our capabilities in relation to that big picture understanding meant that we were often able to realise real savings in time and cost while avoiding some of the pitfalls that were on the road ahead."
    • – Peter Vawdrey, Product Engineering Manager, Moog Controls Corp, Baguio, Philippines
  • "In the past few years, the accepted wisdom has focused on the desire and need for “sustainability”. However sustainability is not enough in a world that keeps on changing.""The need for change can often contradict the need for sustainability. For me, that’s where the Strategy in Action is far more helpful. The SiA framework provides a valuable process that takes into account the conditions that do – or could – affect us, and addresses the requirement to build our capability to quickly adapt to changing conditions.""This is not about living in a world where only the fittest survive. To me, Strategy in Action is about building people, organisations and societies that can quickly change to survive, to grow and to prosper."
    • – Richard Keeves, Online Entrepreneur, Founder and Executive Chairman, Business InfoMedia Online

About "Disrupted": Stategy for Exponential Change

  • "Disrupted is every individual and organisation's survival guide for dealing with the exponential change present in all areas of our lives. Disrupted will get you started on a path to leverage exponential change rather than fearing it"
    • – Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Analyst, Business Innovation Factory, USA
  • "Larry Quick and David Platt gave us an antidote to uncertainty, insecurity and complacency. Their strategy for exponential change can be applied across all organisational metaphors, from defence to advanced manufacturing, from education to logistics. Read Disrupted and rewrite your organisational future!"
    • – Di Fleming, Executive Director - Ducere, Foundation Director, Accelerated Knowledge Technologies