RF Media produces a range of publications and video content for developing individual and organisational understanding of disruption and strategy.

Print and eBook titles include:

    • The Disruption Readiness Test: The Book
    • Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change

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Videos include:

These videos are available on the Resilient Futures Video channel.

    • Are You Disruption Ready? – a 2.5 minute video on the key elements of disruption
    • The Disruption Report 2016: What Australian Business Leaders Think – three brief videos outlining key insights from the report. The videos cover:
      • An overview of the report findings (5 mins)
      • The impact on people and culture (5 mins)
      • Insights into technology (6 mins)
    • Disrupted: Author’s Highlights – a series of videos showing an author’s eye view of the highlights of Disrupted the book.

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