Disruption Readiness

About the Disruption Readiness Test© and Executive Assessment 

Ultimately, the Disruption Readiness Executive Assessment will help you to ask (and answer) the key question,

“How disruption ready is your organisation and how will you leverage it?”

Described as the ultimate organisational stress test for our times, the Disruption Readiness Test © (DRT)  is a core part of the Disruption Readiness Executive Assessment and is designed to assist boards, executive managers and senior leaders to quickly and confidentially self-assess their organisation's disruption readiness.  From there a strategic course of action can be determined.

The DRT© is based on the key issues and traits Resilient Futures has identified through our experience of working with corporate, not-for-profit, government and community organisations as well as the research conducted to support the publication of Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change, The Disruption Readiness Test – The Book and Resilient Futures' recent survey of 280 business leaders, The Disruption Report 2016.

Who should take the test?

Typically, a Disruption Readiness Executive Assessment can be conducted for groups / teams, entire organisations and for industries. In any of these situations, the assessment is done at one, or more of the following organisational levels:

  • Board
  • Executive Management
  • Team
  • Organisation-wide
  • Value Chain


The base-line objective of disruption readiness group testing is to provide clear insight into how to best position the organisation to leverage disruption as a tailwind opportunity by:

  • Identifying the disruptors that are, will or may impact the organisation,
  • Reviewing the organisation’s position in relation to the five thresholds of disruption readiness (see below), and
  • Pinpointing the opportunities that can be actively leveraged and the risks that need to be mitigated.

The five thresholds of disruption readinessDRT Icon_Final2

  1. A commitment at key levels of the organisation to leverage disruption
  2. An aligned view of disruption and its current, imminent, or potential impacts
  3. A robust strategy focused on leveraging disruption
  4. The capability and resources to leverage disruption
  5. The strength of disruption readiness of key customers and suppliers

The Disruption Readiness Executive Assessment

An Executive Assessment comprises a pre-test briefing and video, access to the Disruption Readiness Test for organisations, and a results presentation with customised report with expert analysis and commentary.

So.. Take the DRT©.  Organise an Executive Assessment.  Determine your course of action.

Download the full pdf here

 Free and Confidential Individual Disruption Readiness Testing

Individuals can complete a self-assessment of their organisation's disruption readiness by clicking on the “Take the DRT” icon at any time, it's free and confidential.  On completion, you'll be provided with a score that represents your view of the your organisation's disruption readiness.

Take the DRT© as many times as you like – in fact this is recommended as a way of judging whether an organisation is making progress.


Disruption Readiness Test – The Book

A companion to the DRT© is Resilient Futures’ latest publication, The Disruption Readiness Test: The Book.

The book provides a background for the DRT© and outlines the need for organisations to understand and act on the four thresholds – if they are committed to leveraging disruption.

As a cautionary note, the book provides a ‘product warning’ that asserts that The Disruption Readiness Test© isn’t for everyone. History clearly shows that only a minority of organisations tend to think and act ahead of disruption. This is further supported in Resilient Futures’ recent research that shows:

  • The majority of business leaders don’t know what they don’t know about the disruptors that will or may impact their organisations, and the consequential impact.
  • Human beings aren’t ‘wired’ to identify exponential change and its impact.
  • Entrenched behaviours, beliefs and culture override the insight required by senior executives to re-direct organisations – even when the signs of disruptive change are imminent.

To find out more about the book, click here.

Privacy Commitment

Resilient Futures de-identifies all responses to the DRT. Individual responses to the DRT are NOT shared with any other party and final results are only provided to the individual completing the DRT – at the end of the test and by email (if that option is selected). When using the test to gain group feedback as part of a Disruption Readiness Executive Assessment and/or Resilient Futures' annual “Disruption Readiness Report”, it is only aggregate scores that are made available to the group. Individual responses always remain confidential and are only provided to the person completing the test.