Initiate Strategy in Action

Resilient Futures' unique leadership professional development pathway, Initiate Strategy in Action is designed to help organisations strategically leverage disruption.  The pathway sets the foundation for embedding strategic thinking and action at all levels of an organisation — from board and executive management, to frontline staff.

Initiate Strategy in Action offers three programs which create distinct entry points for a grow as you go approach for organisations seeking to:

    1. Identify potential disruptors beyond those that are already known.
    2. Cascade and align strategic leadership as an active state of mind and management.
    3. Generate sustainable value through leveraging disruption.

The programs within the professional development pathway focus on activating strategic leadership at all levels of an organisation and are ideal for board members, executive managers, other leaders and managers as well as frontline staff who are experiencing or likely to experience the disruptive impacts of exponential change.

These programs can be combined to form a comprehensive strategic leadership development program and can also be customised to meet specific client needs. All programs can be delivered face-to-face or online based on client requirements.

A brief outline of each program is provided below and the full professional development program can be downloaded here.

Thinking Strategy in Action

Through a presentation and discussion focused exploration of the five elements of  Strategy in Action, this programs provides a basic understanding of the Strategy in Action framework and associated tools.  Thinking Strategy in Action provides concrete examples of why disrupted operating environments are best tackled through Strategy in Action — at all levels of the organisation.

Strategy in Action Practical

This program uses problem-based learning to enable the practical application of the Strategy in Action framework to a specific issue facing the organisation.

The focus of the module can be an opportunity or risk — depending on the identified needs of the organisation. Strategy in Action Practical provides a “hands-on” introduction to each of the five elements of Strategy in Action and ensures that participating organisations are ready to implement Strategy in Action to other opportunities and risks as they emerge.

Strategy in Action Project

Strategy in Action Project deepens an organisation’s understanding of Strategy in Action through direct application of the framework to a project of their choice.

This program presumes a level of experience with Strategy in Action and focuses on a project that is of strategic importance to the organisation.  Strategy in Action Project is also used to prepare participants to apply Strategy in Action to other projects within their organisation.


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