Conditions Analysis

Organisations that maintain an aligned view of the conditions that shape their current and future operating landscape tend to focus on doing things that make sense.

Conditions Analysis is an in-depth study and report on the immediate and emergent conditions, from a local to global scale that are, will or may impact an organisation and is the first step to turning disruption into dollars.

A disruptive Conditions Analysis typically has a more specific focus on the primary disruptors that are, or may impact an organisation.

All forms of Conditions Analysis provide decision-makers with an intelligent, objective context within which to make strategic decisions.  In particular, a clear understanding of conditions reveals opportunities that may be pursued, and risks that may demand mitigation.

Download more information on Resilient Futures Conditions Analysis and Strategic Opportunity and Risk Assessment program here.


The Disruption Report is produced annually by Resilient Futures through a survey of over 250 Australian business leaders to determine their views about disruption with a specific focus on:

    • Their understanding of disruption – both digital and beyond
    • The level of disruption they are already experiencing (both positive and negative)
    • The opportunities and risks they see in disruption
    • Their level of preparedness for future disruption

The Disruption Report 2016 is available by clicking here.


Polls are regular snapshots taken across the broader RF Network as and when significant disruptors arise or changes in conditions occur.  Any insights are shared with Resilient Futures clients and poll participants.

If you’re interested in participating in Resilient Futures Polls, email us here.