Strategic Opportunity and Risk Assessment

Turning Disruption Into Dollars

In a world where innovation is king, one organisation's innovation is another's disuption.  Disruption is guaranteed to be constant and with the speed at which innovation now occurs, rapid disruption is becoming the norm.
Resilient Futures has found that effective strategy, particularly in the face of disruption, must be based on the strategic opportunities and strategic risks that have been identified within a realistic view of the current landscape as well as an agreed sense of what the future will look like.


Understanding the landscape to leverage disruption

There are for key outcomes in pursuing this process:

  1. The completion of a Conditions Analysis
  2. A shared context for decision-making
  3. The active pursuit of strategic opportunity and mitigation of strategic risk
  4. Staying tuned to changes in conditions

The basis of any conditions analysis and strategic opportunity and risk assessment process lies in ensuring the organisation's decision makers have up-to-date intelligence and objective information from which their priority strategic opportunities and risks can be identified and addressed.

Based on this robust and aligned understanding of conditions, Resilient Futures can assist in focusing your organisation's strategic direction by identifying the strategic opportunities that may be pursued and strategic risks that must be mitigated.

Download the full Conditions Analysis and Strategic Opportunity and Risk Assessment program here.