Resilient Futures’ purpose has always been to assist people to understand and leverage disruptive change so they can generate sustainable value.

We focus on delivering learning programs that provide the thinking and tools fit for practical application to any form of disruption.

Our current challenge is to analyze whole-system COVID-related disruption in all its forms; making sense of its complexity. Thus far, this analysis reveals that we are entering what we call the COVID Economy.

This view enables a unique understanding of how our past, present and future are combining into a new reality with particular risks to mitigate and opportunities to leverage.

For individuals, organizations and communities that are prepared to think ahead, embrace complexity and change ahead of change, the actions they take in the context of the COVID Economy will shape immediate value generation while also setting the foundations for the future.

So, we at Resilient Futures invite you to let go of the past, join us on this journey, make this your moment, find your way forward to learn, leverage and generate sustainable value.

With a growing team of passionate people, we’re a global organisation with a local office in the village of Woodend, nestled at the foot of Mount Macedon in Victoria where the crisp mountain air is conducive to creative and clear thinking.

Larry Quick



Larry is a strategist with significant global experience in both the corporate and civic sectors. He is the founder of Resilient Futures and the original developer of the Strategy in Action framework.

Larry has designed, led, and facilitated countless strategic programs that draw upon his expertise in corporate strategy, innovation, economic development, technology strategy, sustainability and resilience, and urban planning.

Larry is the primary author of Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change. Larry lives in Woodend, Victoria with his wife Helen.

David Platt



David is a strategist, author, researcher, speaker and facilitator with over 20-years of experience in working with organizations and their leaders to reshape the mindset, skill-set and strategic focus that is required to pursue opportunity and manage risk in fast-moving, disruptive environments.

One of David’s key skills lies in bringing the SiA framework and tools to life through engaging presentations, workshops and programs – all of which enable people to understand and practically apply Strategy in Action.

Audrey Lobo-Pulo



Dr. Audrey Lobo-Pulo leads Conditions Watch in Resilient Futures. She has degrees in Physics and Economic Policy, over 10 years’ experience as a policy advisor, working with the Australian Treasury, and is currently on the board of 'Open Data Australia'.

Audrey has worked with a number of global organisations such as LinkedIn, Netflix and the Canadian Energy Regulator – and the Human Rights Commission.

As a “public interest technologist” she leverages her vast experience in AI, Open Government, Open Source Software, and public policy to provide paradigm-shifting consultation. She has helped both private and public sector clients to capture invaluable insights about their operations and integrate transformative tools.




Andrew is a strategy consultant with significant experience in developing effective strategy and delivering highly complex projects. He brings design and industrial thinking to every project and combines it with the experience to deliver.

Andrew has had numerous executive roles including Chief Engineer and Engineering Director roles at General Motors as well as General Manager of a number of medium sized enterprises. He led the engineering team who delivered the Holden Monaro program in half the time and quarter of the normal budget.

Kristin Van Vloten



Kristin van Vloten is a writer, researcher, editor, and the founder of Salvo Communications, a writing service catering to thought leaders.

She has provided analysis and report writing for the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and the University of the Fraser Valley, and the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce has published her policy writing. She has assisted Resilient Futures in the creation of three publications centered on strategic planning in disruptive conditions.

For her exceptional work with business leaders and organizations, she has been nominated for two Business Excellence Awards.

Paul Szymkowiak



Paul is a seasoned consultant, mentor and educator, with over 30 years experience helping organisations to overcome problems and make improvements in their solutions.

An adopter of iterative and agile practices, he is one of the authors of the Rational Unified Process, and an original member of the context-driven testing community.

Paul is also active within the international "Maker" community. He led the organisation of Australasia's first Maker Faire, and has co-created a space-research maker alliance.

Jesssica Bertalmio



Jessica, otherwise known as ‘MJ’, is a project manager with team management experience in a number of diverse sectors.  She is highly skilled at finding synergies between people and tasks to achieve goals efficaciously.

With a multinational heritage, Jessica is passionate about global connectivity and the criticality of having a global perspective within disruptive change.

Clare Johnson



Clare is a project support manager and executive admin, with over 15 years of experience in professional office executive positions.

As organised as they come, her role is to keep the Resilient Future's crew on track to maximise productivity.

Having left the UK in 2005 to escape the dismal weather, she now calls Queensland her home, which she shares with her husband and fur baby.




Theo is a media and communciations enthusiast, and with a history in online video production, works to produce and distribute meaningful communication which leads to action.

Theo currently leads the production of our Straight Talk in the COVID Economy podcast series, and coordinates the production of all of Resilient Futures' communicative materials.




Max is a business support trainee, providing critical assistance in campaign systemization, media production and marketing development, and leading the management of the Resilient Futures Network.

Joining the team fresh out of high school, Max brings a fresh and youthful perspective to Resilient Futures, and an inquisitive spirit to all he is involved in.




Helen is Resilient Futures' Chief Financial Officer, and with a knack for financial planning and keen interest in cash flow management, maintains the stability of Resilient Futures.

When not working, Helen's interests include dogs (particularly those named Missy), tiny houses, and taking her grandkids for an icecream when the weather's right.




Quentin is a mathematician and data analyst, with a passion for science and technology, an eager mind and a ‘can do’ mentality. He has a fervent belief in the power of connection, and is enthused by bringing people together around collectively creating change.

Following his graduation from Universite de Franche-Comte, Quentin moved to Australia to advance his English but instead met his now wife Amber and “hasn’t looked back”.

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