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The Resilient Futures Network is currently a collective of 3500 decision-makers and leaders who recognize that we are in a cycle of disruptive change. We want to create a way forward together by learning, practicing, and sharing experiences with like-minded people.

around the network

When you join our Network, you receive the first two chapter of our book Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change for free. This book details the fundamentals of a 21st Century strategic framework, Strategy in Action (SiA), and examples of organisations leveraging disruption.

We recently had a large group of students who are completing an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) course at Hult International Business School sign up to the Network, identifying interest in Disrupted.

HULT International Business School in Dubai
HULT International Business School in Dubai

When we reached out, one student, Karim Hechema, informed us that the book chapters 1 and 2 was part of a pre-reading preparation for the course Disruptive Business Model by Dr Manuel Tejeiro Koller.” We have since contacted Dr. Manuel Tejeiro to work further on assisting him and his students with their study and develop a relationship with Hult Business School.

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