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A Proposition for Our Innovators

Our world is completely changed forever. But changed to what? We assert that we are now well into the rising of a new COVID Economy, and there is a way forward.

People and organizations have adapted to new ways of doing things like tele-work, Zooming, life online and making enormous investment in health services and much more. The challenges are also with us – unemployment, debt, disorientation and the mental health fallout of such an immediate disruptive change that has shaken people’s lives.

To ensure we move forward and not default to a broken past we need our innovators to stand up and take action to deliver their very best.

We hope these words are a sign of a way forward and others will join us on this journey.

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When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, there was a mixed response to the immediate health threat. However, in doing so they inadvertently triggered a deep and complex disruptive change that impacted the short and long-term performance of every organization, economy and society in the world.

Many organizations were quick to adapt. But this could only ever be a short-term fix for a much longer-term issue.

Lockdowns were immediate forcing ‘work from home’ for knowledge and digital service workers and leaving many unemployed. Universities quickly shifted to online learning, and students were left to learn, without a business as usual, institutional education. Offices in central business districts became vacant. Businesses that depended on worker foot traffic were forced to close through the lockdown and the lack of trade. Investment in health services skyrocketed as governments worked to stem the flow of deaths.

And so as the social-economic virus spread, the world became a very different place to that of January 2020.

Not only was this a health, safety and business disruption, it was also an immediate tectonic shift in consumer behaviour, channels to market, supply chains, profit models, business processes and working arrangements – and those that were able to quickly adapt have survived and are now in a position to assist all to recover to this ‘new normal’.

And so the COVID Economy was born.

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