Know Where You’re At

When disruptive change of the magnitude of COVID-19 occurs, information and knowledge that may have been relevant in the past is no longer fit for decision-making in the future.

An organization, its leaders and teams become disoriented when faced with a new set of highly complex issues and conditions. In this environment they must then rapidly understand their new reality and form a shared context for accurate decision-making. Without that view, expect added stress, wasted resources and inappropriate strategies that are likely to create more risk than uncover new opportunity.

If the organization is to remain viable in the future, new data must be quickly gathered and analyzed to reveal a relevant pathway forward through complexity.

The speed of the initial COVID-19 disruption and the rapid emergence of the COVID Economy means that individuals, businesses, industries and government must refocus their mindsets, skill-sets and strategies to leverage the COVID Economy and secure their place in the future.

Our diagnostics enable individuals to objectively assess where they are at in relation to their readiness to leverage the COVID Economy and other associated disruptions. Aggregate responses are then used to provide an objective, data-driven view which leaders and their teams can use to quickly align on immediate action that will enhance  organizational readiness to leverage disruption. 

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Current Diagnostics

Each Insights diagnostic provides instant feedback on completion. Additionally, further, more detailed analysis can be provided to you and your team so that strengths can be leveraged and gaps addressed through immediate action. Our current diagnostics include:

A short diagnostic that explores whether your organization is disruption aware and ready to leverage exponential, converging change on a continuous basis. The DRO Insights also tests immediate alignment between leaders and staff to ensure that all key people are on the same page.

The Fuller Picture: From Insights to Deep Analysis

Once you have completed an Insights diagnostic, we will work with you to explore whether a full diagnostic would be of benefit as part of identifying deeper core opportunities and risks that can be immediately addressed to ensure you are on a robust path to sustainable value generation.

Contact us today to discuss your results and explore the value of getting a team to complete a diagnostic. For many of our clients, this is a powerful opening to better understanding what to focus on to be successful in the COVID Economy.

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