Meeting of Minds

Resilient Futures hosts a range of events aimed at all levels of interest in the COVID Economy. In doing so we bring together our global subject matter expert group for events that allow first-hand insight from some of the best and most knowledgeable minds researching possibilities and taking practical action the COVID Economy.

We work hard to shape interactive experiences to ensure each event is a true ‘meeting of minds’. After all, a shift or change in mindset is a critical first step in leveraging the COVID Economy.

Upcoming events include:

22nd September 2020 - Resilient Futures Network - RFN Prime - Lunch Online

RFN Prime: Lunch Online provides a regular opportunity for RFN: Prime members to meet and discuss the key conditions, opportunities and risks that are shaping the COVID Economy. Prime membership consists of senior leaders in non-competitive organizations who share their insights and experiences as a way of together, growing stronger.

September 2020 – Strategy in Action Quick Start – Public Course

This 6-week online course provides an ideal opportunity for individuals or small teams (2-4) to learn and apply Strategy in Action in the context of the COVID Economy. Quickly learn the basics of conditions analysis and strategic opportunity-risk assessment to ensure that your organization focuses on the right priorities now by leveraging the COVID Economy as a foundation for sustainable value generation into the future.

September 2020 – Celebrating Success in the COVID Economy – FREE Webinar

This first of its kind FREE webinar and panel discussion features organizational and industry leaders who have used both the immediate pandemic disruption and the emerging COVID Economy to rapidly reset, innovate and transform. Hear their stories, be inspired by the outcomes and join in celebrating the successes that they, their teams and their members have achieved in the early days of the COVID Economy.

Our kick-off celebration will feature John Biviano, CEO of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Johnathon Davey, Executive Director of Seafood Industry Victoria.

September 2020 - You in the COVID Economy: Finding Your Way Forward

This event is designed to reveal and explore the rapid emergence of the COVID Economy, its key drivers, and the opportunities and risks in its growth. Through an interactive presentation this conversation surfaces participants’ ability to think strategically in this new reality and their commitment to engage in action critical to success in the COVID Economy.

What is it to be PanSafe? What is the Tele-work Industry? How will service-based organizations and their knowledge workers change? How will rented space and our ‘square-metre economy’ be impacted? How is a new approach to resilience created in the COVID Economy? These are but a very few of the rapidly emerging opportunities that Resilient Futures’ Conditions Watch are observing as a background for this topic.

You & the COVID Economy: Finding Your Way Forward also encourages participants to lead a discussion into how understanding and leveraging the COVID Economy applies to them and their organization.

September 2020 - COVID Economy INSIDER Series: Expert Briefing and Discussion

The COVID Economy INSIDER Series provides twenty-five leaders with access to and the opportunity to question some of the best global thought leadership on the COVID Economy and the impacts on them and their organization.

The Resilient Futures global expert group is network of thought leaders and strategic activists who are committed to exploring and revealing the conditions underlying the rapid emergence of the COVID Economy, its inherent opportunities and risks, and examples of both.

In the INSIDER series we firstly provide participants with a primer briefing (via a video or audio) from a member of the expert group. Following the primer the opportunity is provided to participants to provide questions and discussion points they find relevant to them and their organization.

In a 90-minute online session participants will have the opportunity to share their questions, and insights and discuss issues relevant to them.

The session is recorded and available to the INSIDER participants.

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