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If we didn’t previously understand and have direct experience of an explosively disruptive change, we do now.

The extreme weather events of 2019/20, the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated social-economic fall-out have all been clear illustrations of how quickly change can, and will, happen – especially in this decade and beyond.

While the feeling of being disrupted can be disorienting and can leave individuals and organizations feeling like things are not in their control, the frameworks and tools that Learning Resilient Futures provides helps you chart the way forward – together with your people.

In the COVID Economy, it is vital to quickly adopt and scale the mindset, skill-set, strategic focus and capability that will ensure that you are effectively addressing both opportunity and risk in immediate disruption.

At the same time, it is critical to ensure your people are equipped with the skills to anticipate and leverage the further disruption that will undoubtedly emerge over time.

Without an ability to anticipate disruption and ‘change ahead of change’, your organization may risk suffering the consequences of any fallout from disruption.

Start Small, Grow Smart

Learning Resilient Futures courses are available for people of all skill levels and roles within organizations and are based around Strategy in Action (SiA). As a framework and set of tools, SiA is used to generate agile strategy. It is perfectly suited to planning in any context and ideal for addressing disruptive change such as that which is being experienced through the rapidly emerging COVID Economy.

SiA can be applied at any scale – project, team, department, organization, or industry. Powerfully harnessed at multiple levels of the organization, it creates strategic synergy for all people by providing a common framework and language for thinking, communicating, formulating and executing agile strategy.

Resilient Futures offers customized courses for organizations and industries as well as public courses for individuals and small teams.

All courses are self-paced and self-directed. Facilitated workshops and coaching sessions can also be added to ensure that the program is fully tailored to your organization’s specific context and needs.

Current Courses

Decoding Disruption

A 30-minute introduction (video and short exercises) to key concepts that underpin a new strategic mindset that is disruption aware. Decoding Disruption ensures that you are focussed on both identifying individual disruptors and also on seeing how multiple disruptors may converge to create additional shocks – to help you protect against being caught off guard.

SiA QuickStart

Designed as a short and sharp introduction to Strategy in Action, SiA QuickStart is a short six-part course consisting of videos, concept ‘cheat sheets’ and templates that you can complete as you go. SiA QuickStart is designed to ensure that you can actively work on your strategy as you learn each element of SiA so you can apply the thinking and tools now to create better outcomes for yourself and your organization in the COVID Economy.

Unleashing Strategy for Leveraging Disruption (USLD)

A deep-dive into the full Strategy in Action (SiA) framework and toolset. USLD equips individuals, teams and organizations to change ahead of change in the COVID Economy and in the face of any disruption that is yet to emerge. It embeds a common framework and language for robust strategic thinking, planning and action so that sustainable value generation is never compromised.

Coming Soon

The COVID Economy and Beyond – A deep dive into the issues and factors shaping the COVID Economy, the opportunities and risks emerging in that context and what you can do to ensure that your organisation is making the most of this rapidly emerging new reality. Through this course you will learn how to think ahead in a COVID world and where to focus to ensure you are able to generate sustainable value.

Owning Your Future WorkA course that will enable people within to re-think their skills, work and role in the context of disruption. This will help them take on an ‘I am Strategist’ stand for themselves, develop their own, personal future work strategy and be part of their organization re-shaping itself for the new work reality in the COVID Economy.

We are also adding more courses on a regular basis – as we identify other areas of learning that are meaningful to organizations and people.

For more information about our current courses or other courses you would like to see offered by Learning Resilient Futures, please contact us so that we can work with you, your people and your organization to find a way forward that works in the COVID Economy.

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