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Disruption readiness by design

If your team, department or organization is mired in strategic methodologies that don’t make sense in a COVID Economy, what is the way forward?

When old strategy and planning models are undermined by relentlessly and rapidly evolving conditions, how can you update your approach? In other words, what’s the first step in your evolution?

We created Specialized Services because we recognize that your first step doesn’t necessarily look like another organization’s.

To that end, we work with you to create customized learning and support programs that allow groups of any size to update their strategic approach as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. We provide relevant and revelatory curriculum, facilitation, coaching, frameworks and tools to support your organisational evolution—which couldn’t come a moment too soon. 

Our approach to creating a Specialized Services for your team, organization, or industry looks like this:

1. We establish common ground and build trust

We work with you to clearly identify your challenges and opportunities due to the disruptive change that defines this new emerging COVID Economy.

2. We start small and grow smart

We design pathways and projects that allow you to secure quick wins while managing relatively low risks.

3. We assist you in diagnosing your disruption readiness

We use our diagnostics and conditions analysis capability to dig deeply into the ability of your organization and your people to be and remain disruption ready. This provides immediate feedback to foster impactful change.

4. We embed the Strategy in Action framework

We ensure you understand the true nature of disruption and learn how to best leverage it through adoption of Strategy in Action across multiple levels of your organization.

5. We transfer knowledge and support self-sufficiency

Our main aim is for you to gain self-sufficiency. In working to achieve and maintain that aim, the goal is always to fully equip you to leverage disruption and generate sustainable value—without ongoing, third-party support.

6. We support you in a manner that suits you

We design services that support and grow your disruption readiness capability based on collectively identifying a way forward that will work for you. We help ensure that your focus is on your organizations long-term ability to leverage disruption and generate sustainable value.

If you haven’t watched this already, please take a minute or two to see what some of our clients are saying about disruption, disruption readiness and Strategy in Action.

Example Projects and Programs

Below are some examples of recent client work. You will see from this small sample that we work across a range of industries and with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Please note, however, that much of our work is highly confidential and we are not in a position to identify some of our clients or the full scope of works completed. If you’d like to speak to any of our clients to gain their view on the impact and value of our work together, please feel free to ask for references when you contact us.

Optometry Australia Logo - Specialized Services

Over the past six-months we have worked with optometry’s leadership and members to build an aligned view of disruption and deal decisively and productively with the coronavirus disruption through the establishment and chairing of a national Crisis Leadership Group. As we emerge into the COVID Economy, a cross-section of members and leaders are now completing a Strategy in Action QuickStart as a foundation for developing the association’s next strategic plan.

Over the past five years, we have trained and coached the organisational leadership group – from directors to supervisors – in Strategy in Action (SiA) to enable them to formulate their own strategy - as and when needed. We have also supported the organisation in the objective review of their strategy (the conditions and strategic opportunities and risks they are or may face) to stress test their view against a broader view of conditions shaping the future of their industry and as background for board reviews.

Presented a 90-minute session Leading to Leverage Disruption to 750 senior leaders as part of a one-day, internal leadership conference. During this, we outlined the key factors and issues that the group needed to take into account and explored the implications of disruption for the broader financial services industry. The group was then engaged in a workshop to clarify the specific disruptors that they, their teams and their area of business are or may be facing and identified any immediate actions that could be taken to address such disruptors.

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Conducted a Disruption Ready Organisation diagnostic with the organisation’s executive leadership team and a Disruption Ready People diagnostic with a self-nominated group of staff from a wide range of departments and all levels of responsibility. The results were then used as the backbone of learning and development program to build and enhance strategic capability across the organization. In addition, we have supported this organization to stand-up its own, internal conditions monitoring and reporting team.

We appreciate that your needs in reckoning with the COVID Economy are urgent. Contact us today so we can understand what your organisation needs and identify the most appropriate approach to supporting your success in the COVID Economy.

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