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In many cases, when severe disruption hits, operational data and information from the past is no longer relevant. In a volatile. rapidly changing and increasingly complex environment, accessing new information in the most efficient and effective way possible is critical.

Talking Resilient Futures provides customised communication tailored to your context and specifically designed to shift and re-align mindsets, skill-sets and strategic focus. Delivered by qualified, objective observers, our view is global in scale with direct application to your local conditions.

Resilient Futures has a history of developing and delivering presentations across a range of topics for audiences who need

to hear unbiased perspectives and insightful, actionable analysis of industry and organizational conditions.

Recent audiences have included the Young Presidents Organisation at the London Business School, The Future of Work Summit and Australian Industry Group.

We provide access to cutting-edge thinking in online environments through talks, presentations, conferences, summits and professional development seminars that open up the reality of disruption, the COVID Economy and the untapped potential for leveraging that reality through enhanced understanding of the opportunities and risks that are present for all.

Larry Quick & David Platt - Digital AI Summit 2019

Larry Quick - Opening Presentation: Future Work Summit 2019

Here are a few examples of customised interactive topics we deliver in any form, from presentations, seminars, and workshops through to learning and professional development training programs.

To discuss how Resilient Futures can customise a presentation, seminar, workshop or professional development training program:

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