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The COVID Economy:
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Our Purpose & The COVID Economy


Resilient Futures’ purpose has always been to assist people to understand and leverage disruptive change so they can generate sustainable value. Our current challenge is to analyze whole-system COVID-related disruption in all its forms; making sense of its complexity. Thus far, this analysis reveals that we are entering a period we call the COVID Economy.

For those that are prepared to think ahead, embrace complexity and change ahead of change, the actions they take in the context of the COVID Economy will shape immediate value generation while also setting the foundations for the future.

Join Us on the Journey

Many committed people, organizations and communities have been with us on this epic, 25-year journey. Here’s what some of our clients have said about leveraging disruption and Strategy in Action:

We’re excited about welcoming more of you to this ever-growing group of people and organizations committed to leveraging disruption and generating sustainable value.

Join us in finding a way forward through the COVID Economy and beyond.

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